Couple viewing tablet in Weston Library. Photo by John Cairns

Bodleian Libraries: Training the digital archivists of the future

The Bodleian Libraries are leading the way in digital archiving with its Graduate Trainee Digital Archivist Programme. Few archivists today have the practical experience needed to work in this area of heritage preservation. Your support will equip new professionals for the digital environment through a scheme that allows individuals to undertake a two year paid traineeship at the Bodleian.

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What might a typical day in the life of a digital archivist look like? They may be capturing Donald Trump’s more egregious tweets for posterity, recording Greta Thunberg’s passionate pleas to world leaders on the need for climate action, or documenting scientists’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the research carried out in the vaccine race. This work is essential in keeping an accurate record at a time when information moves faster, and facts are more fluid, than at any other point in history.

Your support of this training programme will allow us to capture the history of the early digital age and preserve it for posterity, ensuring that the UK’s digital heritage can be shared and studied by future generations.

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For more information about supporting Digital Archivists at the Bodleian, please contact:

Jenny Haimes

Development Officer
  +44 (0)1865 611 729