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Support us in our mission to ensure care experienced graduate students reach their full potential at Oxford.

Care experienced students can face significant barriers to pursuing higher education. Instability in their living arrangements, financial difficulties, and potentially a lack of family support and guidance can all impact their ability to reach their full academic potential.

Care experienced students are four times more likely than other students to drop out of higher education. By making a gift to Care Experienced Academic Futures you can help lower this statistic.

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The impact the scholarship has had on my education is huge. The lifting of even a small amount of financial pressure can make a massive difference to someone who has experienced a lot at a young age.

With guidance from inspirational academic leaders and supportive mentors and peers, Oxford is giving me opportunities that I could only have wished for.

My experience in care and the circumstances around this meant I moved around considerably. Over the course of my A levels, I attended 5 different schools, and struggled to find a settled environment where I felt I could concentrate on my studies…

I think many care experienced students have often been failed repeatedly by schools and social services, and it is wonderful for people to be able to help students receive a world-class education, which in absence of this support they might not have been able to access. Knowing I have received support from strangers who value my education, really makes me hopeful that in the future I can also help in the same way…

With your support, we can expand the number of Academic Futures graduate scholarships we can offer to those who are care experienced.

Donors in the US can give tax-effectively via Americans For Oxford (AFO).
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