Giving to the Department for Continuing Education

The need for educational opportunities that extend throughout life is acknowledged in all sectors of modern society: in times of rapid social, economic and technological change, access to continued personal and professional development is increasingly valuable.

For over a century the University of Oxford has recognised the great importance of providing exceptional lifelong learning opportunities; whether for adult learners who were unable to attend university first time round, or those looking for a change of direction later in life. The Department for Continuing Education delivers flexible learning by providing unique educational resources to local and global communities, weekend and summer schools, online courses, work-based studies and part-time Master's and Doctoral programmes.

Studying at the Department for Continuing Education makes Oxford accessible to all those with the talent and motivation to learn. Your support helps us to ensure that financial barriers do not limit the opportunities available to those who could benefit most.

Donors in the US can give tax-effectively via Americans For Oxford (AFO).
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