The Griffith Institute

The Griffith Institute is the world-famous home for Egyptology at the University of Oxford, owing its foundation to the first Professor of Egyptology at Oxford, Francis Llewellyn Griffith, who bequeathed his estate for the creation of ‘a permanent home or institute for the study of the ancient languages and antiquities of the Near East’. The Institute houses the University’s teaching in the subject and also two major international research projects, the Topographical Bibliography (TopBib) and the Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB), together with one of the world’s great Egyptological archives (visit the Griffith website, the Archive website and Facebook for more information). In 2022 the Institute is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. The excavation records by Howard Carter and his team constitute the main holdings of the Archive.

The Griffith Institute is supported in part by Professor Griffith’s original endowment. However, to ensure the continuation and future expansion of its core projects it relies on philanthropy.

The Griffith Institute welcomes support at any level towards its general funds, which can then be applied to its priorities. Such support enables the realisation of projects ranging from digitizing early excavation records to undertaking cataloguing and conservation. Our current priority is the upgrade of the Tutankhamun Archive online presentation, which would also enable us to provide higher resolution images on our open-access website.

Photo of the papers from the Tutankhamun archive (© Griffith Institute, University of Oxford).

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