Coronavirus Hardship Fund
for Students and Staff

The University has set up a Hardship Fund for students and staff affected by COVID-19.

The outbreak has presented the University with a significant challenge. The University is doing all it can to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on academic performance and our students’ and staff well-being. We are providing as much support as possible – but despite our best efforts, many students have had to make considerable changes to their lives and studies, and in some instances, have been left with no choice but to suspend or extend their courses due to circumstances out of our control.

In our community, many of our staff are facing challenging personal circumstances and uncertainty. The University has established a dedicated fund for any member, or retired former member, of the staff of the university who may be found deserving of emergency financial support.

If you make a gift to support students and staff facing hardship, you allow us to direct funds to where they are most needed, helping our University community both immediately and in the months and years ahead.

Many colleges have similar funds for student hardship and have increased their support for students and staff during this period, so you may prefer to donate to these efforts directly.

Please choose where to direct your support.

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