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Advocating for a better understanding of history has never been more important.

From the ongoing impact of COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine, the world is facing major challenges and the future is uncertain. An appreciation of history is vital to explain how we got here and a prerequisite to working out how we can alleviate today’s global problems.

Exploring the intricacies of history with the next generation of students is a priority for the Faculty of History. Gifts to the History Tomorrow Fund will support our outreach activities that are helping broaden the horizons of young minds.

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More than 1,000 teenagers have benefitted from Oxford history outreach activities in the last academic year alone. Many took part in admission interview workshops or attended online classes about the skills required to be a historian.

Others participated in the UNIQ summer school, an Oxford access programme that prioritises students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds.

My Oxford story began with UNIQ. Coming from a state school with no history of Oxbridge applications, I believed that maybe university wasn’t right for me. UNIQ dispelled my preconceptions about Oxford – it was a dynamic, welcoming place, where I could share my passion for history with my tutors and peers alike. The confidence and motivation that I gained let me believe that Oxford was a place I belonged, and led me not only to complete my undergraduate studies here but also my master’s and doctorate. UNIQ showed me that not only could I aspire to Oxford – I could thrive here as well.

Funding is needed to continue these essential outreach activities. A gift today will ensure Oxford is able to attract and support the brightest of minds, regardless of background.

Donors in the US can give tax-effectively via Americans For Oxford (AFO).
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