Oxford is the world’s leading university for humanities teaching and research. The University’s scholarship in languages, literature, history, philosophy, religion and the arts – from the earliest civilisations to the present day – enriches our understanding of humankind, and informs how we engage with historical issues and contemporary concerns.

In order to attract world-class students, there are some key elements required, from excellent academics to transformative facilities, such as brand new The Schwarzman Centre, which will be a dynamic hub dedicated to the humanities. In support of this recent gift, we are launching a fundraising campaign to raise further donations for some of the programmes, that in the future will be housed in this new centre. These programmes will help to draw in the next generation of students to the humanities, including those from under-represented backgrounds.

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Supporting Outreach

As part of our work to increase undergraduate and graduate access to Oxford, several Humanities departments have developed nationwide outreach programmes. From workshops to open days and bridging courses, these activities help to provide inspiration and support when applying to Oxford. Outreach helps to bring Oxford to life for many prospective students, offering a taste of what it’s really like to study here, irrespective of their background.

Your support will enable us to develop more programmes like these to help benefit the students that need it most.

Uniquely Oxford

To ensure that Oxford remains the world’s leading centre for the humanities, the University is committed to:

  • Funding new student support and access initiatives such as bridging courses and summer schools such as UNIQ, to help students prepare for applying and studying at Oxford
  • Developing new outreach programmes and events to ensure prospective students consider a future at Oxford, regardless of their financial circumstances
  • Securing fully-funded scholarships to attract the brightest and best undergraduate students and graduate scholars
  • Developing world-class facilities for teaching and research

Whilst each faculty has unique projects that reflect their department’s individual needs, your philanthropic support will play a vital role in helping Oxford fulfil these objectives. Any contribution, big or small, will make a huge difference to future generations of Humanities students. Thank you.

To make a gift, please select a department below, or for further information please contact humanities@devoff.ox.ac.uk