Mansfield College

Mansfield is one of Oxford’s most open and forward-thinking Colleges.

Proud of our non-conformist roots, we aim to be a model for access to higher education, and of how social and intellectual diversity enriches an academic community.

Mansfield College has the highest intake of UK undergraduates from the state sector, and one of the most diverse communities of all the Oxford Colleges in terms of the social, educational and ethnic backgrounds of its students. This comes after two decades of pioneering outreach work which has seen Mansfield lead the way in widening access to Oxford.

While Mansfield is smaller and younger than other Oxford Colleges, it regularly appears in the top half of the Norrington table (a record 5th in 2018/19) and scores highly in student satisfaction surveys on academic care and support.

Mansfield is also home to the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, part of the University’s Law Faculty, which was opened by Kofi Annan in 2018. The Institute is a perfect reflection of the spirit of our College: plural, broad-minded, and respectful of the dignity and worth of all.

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