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Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a condition affecting 20 million people worldwide, but it remains a puzzle to both the medical profession and patients. Complex symptoms make it difficult to diagnose and only 5% of patients make a full recovery. Research into the causes has been limited due to lack of funding, but the recent identification of high levels of L-form bacteria in the blood of ME/CFS patients suggests a compromised immune system could be a biological cause of the illness.

Dr Karl Morten at the University of Oxford proposes to lead a major research project to investigate this possible cause in detail. The initial phase of the research involves running a project for three years establishing clinical research in Oxford. The study will investigate patients with ME/CFS, chronic Lyme disease and long COVID, and explore the interaction between the gut and the presence of pathogens.

In order to conduct this study, we are in need of recruiting an exceptional DPhil (PhD) student to carry out the work in conjunction with Dr Morten. We need to raise an additional £30,000 to make this possible, which presents an exciting opportunity for donors to make a real impact with their giving.

Every donation helps. With your support we hope our research will be game-changing for this debilitating condition. To learn more, watch the video below.