A montage of doctors and researchers with a background of stylised blood cells

Oxford Cancer is a city-wide network and partnership between Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. It supports and connects people working across a range of disciplines and aims to facilitate research collaboration on a local, national and international scale, to speed up translation from scientific discovery to treatments in patients.

The network harnesses the internationally leading specialisms of over 900 researchers from around 90 different departments, units and institutes within the University and the NHS Trust.

Donations made to Oxford Cancer will support the collective force of cancer research, outreach and care that happens across the city of Oxford, and help to make a difference to cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.

The network focuses its activities on 4 main cancer areas, which donations will go towards supporting:

  • Cancer Early Detection
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Cancer Big Data
  • Developing Novel Therapeutics & Diagnostics