‘The Oxford Invention Fund provides the opportunity for donors to the University to see their donations used to support innovation and enterprise in Oxford, and to see a return to the University from successful new business ventures.’ – Adam Stoten, Chief Operating Officer of Oxford University Innovation

The ‘dreaming spires of Oxford’ are known around the world as a haven for learning. To make the most of this learning, Oxford also endeavours to excel at identifying, protecting and finding commercial partners for ideas that will make a difference in supporting both the excellence of Oxford and helping to improve the health and wealth of society.

Through this fund, Oxford will strive to ensure that smart ideas will be developed to a stage where they can be transferred from the University to business. Oxford University Innovation, the University’s technology transfer company, are acknowledged worldwide as experts in protecting, patenting and licensing early-stage technologies, and setting up new ‘spin-out’ companies.

The Oxford Invention Fund provides an opportunity for donors to support the development of technology in Oxford, and help secure the University’s innovative infrastructure.