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The great challenges of our time – such as rapid globalization, population growth, biodiversity loss, or climate change – share one feature.  All refuse to sit neatly within the disciplines that have organised our thinking for centuries.  This common factor makes these challenges so difficult for us to grapple with, whether as individuals, businesses, or governments, and therefore for societies as a whole.

A School for the future

No other university, anywhere in the world, hosts an institute like the Oxford Martin School. The School houses over 300 scholars working to address the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. They are grouped into over 30 programmes, studying subjects as diverse as new economic thinking on equity and growth to the future of the global food system, and from the human rights of future generations to innovation in healthcare.

Getting the 21st century right

The School was founded with the belief that this century, and specifically the next two decades, is a crucial turning point for humanity.  The sheer speed of change means that we now have the power to destroy possibilities for future generations.  Equally we can immeasurably enhance the wellbeing of people across the planet.

It is this combination of urgency and optimism that characterises all our work at the Oxford Martin School.

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