Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Photo of a student wearing an electrode fitted head cap with wires being connected to each electrode.The Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics has a prominent and unique international profile and it aims to excel and innovate in a variety of areas of teaching and interdisciplinary research. This interdisciplinary focus is central to the work of the Faculty, as each component of linguistic expertise is considered indispensable to our understanding of how humans store and understand language.

The Faculty brings together internationally-renowned scholars working in theoretical and descriptive linguistics (especially syntax, semantics and phonology), experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics, linguistics of the Romance languages, historical linguistics and comparative philology. Unlike other subjects in the humanities, it includes two scientific research laboratories – the Language and Brain Laboratory, and the Phonetics Laboratory.

The Faculty is aided greatly by the generosity of its supporters. Gifts are able to help us attract and secure world-leading academics by endowing or creating new posts, ensure that members of the Faculty have the resources necessary for innovative research and teaching, and provide the most talented students with financial support to study at the Faculty through scholarships and bursaries. Support at all levels, from small gifts to larger benefactions, are all gratefully received.

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