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Photo of three students sat down conversing in a studyPhilosophy has been studied at Oxford for over 800 years. Some of the world’s most famous philosophers have taught at Oxford, including John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, John Locke, F.H. Bradley and, in the twentieth century, A.J. Ayer, Iris Murdoch and Elizabeth Anscombe. Today the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s great centres for research and teaching in philosophy. The Faculty numbers over fifty permanent full-time philosophers, many of whom are international leaders in their fields; more than thirty post-doctoral researchers, working on subjects ranging from fundamental metaphysics to population ethics; and a hundred graduate students, working towards either a taught graduate degree or a doctorate. Each year, more than five hundred undergraduates are admitted to study philosophy, always in combination with another subject.

The Faculty’s high standing, together with internationally renowned lecture series such as the annual John Locke lectures, attract many distinguished academic visitors, with a very large number of philosophers both from around the UK and from the rest of the world giving lectures or seminars in Oxford each year. Almost every major philosopher speaks in Oxford at some time in their career.

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