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Graduate Scholarships

Fully-funded graduate scholarships ensure Oxford attracts the very best graduate students from across the world, regardless of their financial circumstance.

  • Access to a graduate education is more important than ever, given its potential to enhance career prospects both outside academia and within.
  • The most frequent reason given for why graduate offer holders turn down their Oxford place is lack of funding.
  • Many leading universities abroad provide full funding for all PhD students; at Oxford, only 60 percent of doctoral students enjoy this security.
  • Graduate scholarships are a strategic priority for Oxford, with ambitious targets of 300 new scholarships proposed in the 2018-23 strategic plan.

The impact of Graduate Scholars

Graduate students are the engine of research in our laboratories, libraries and seminars. They make an essential contribution, and go on to play important roles in the worldwide economy and society, leading the way in their fields and pushing frontiers of knowledge.

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Paving the way for success

For international students, a graduate scholarship can mean the difference between taking up a place at Oxford, or choosing an institution closer to home.

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Driving research into the future of energy

DPhil student Isaac Capone explains why developing new battery technology is vital to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Supporting the study of human rights law

Four human rights professionals from around the world share their experiences of studying for a graduate degree at Oxford.

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Tackling disease on a global scale

Oxford's MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine is enabling graduate students to develop knowledge of major global health problems.

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