The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a global leader and an interdisciplinary academic hub focused upon teaching, research, and engagement with enterprise on climate change and long-term environmental sustainability. It seeks to encourage innovative solutions to the apparent challenges facing humanity over the coming decades. Its strengths lie in environmental economics and policy, pension funds, water resource and risk management and financial markets and investment. Engagement with enterprise is an important goal of the Smith School. This takes a variety of forms including research and teaching in areas such as environmental liabilities and market pricing, supply-chain management, and long-term sustainable investment.  We focus on our 4 major programmes: Stranded Assets; Environmental Management; Water Programme; and Sustainable Finance Programme. Our Water programme is currently funded with over £17 million of competitive grants won from UK research councils, DFID, UNICEF, the John Fell Fund, and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.

We are engaging the private sector, government and academic communities to create a global hub at the heart of the University of Oxford to seek solutions to the new environmental challenges facing humanity this century.Sir David King, Director

The Smith School is led by Professor Gordon Clark. As one of the world’s leading authorities on the investment management industry and corporate decision-making, he advises institutional investors, major corporations, financial institutions as well as policy makers on issues such as pension funds, governance, environmental management and long-term investments. Professor Clark works with organizations and institutions to understand the sustainability challenges they face, working with stakeholders to produce as well as communicate the fruits of our research.