The University of Oxford has a strong tradition of sporting excellence; consistently at the forefront of sporting endeavour and nurturing numerous record-breaking athletes. At Oxford we believe that sport is complementary to our academic mission, helping our students develop the life skills, confidence and wellbeing to succeed in study, society and within the workplace, whether they are an Olympian or an enthusiast.

In order to continue this tradition, and to provide students, staff, and the local community with opportunities to develop their sports, fitness and wellbeing, we need your support.

Sports clubs

If you used to be a member of a club at Oxford, or if you just have an interest in a sport, you can support a sports club today. Your gift will help to improve and secure the future of the club.

Find a University sports club

Sports facilities

You can help us with the redevelopment of the Iffley Road Sports Centre, expanding the opportunities for students, staff and the local community to engage in sport, and lead healthy and active lives. Learn more about the redevelopment at Oxford University Sport or contact Andrew Vivian for further details.

General gifts

General gifts will go towards a variety of areas, from facilities and equipment, to clubs and coaching. Your generosity will allow us to respond more effectively to the areas most in need, providing us with more flexibility to provide a high quality sports and fitness experience for our students, sports clubs, staff, and community members.