At Oxford, we recognise that sport is an essential part of a rich and balanced life. Sport offers people a chance to succeed, helps them to develop skills, and brings communities together. It changes lives. It breaks barriers.

On 6th May 1954, Roger Bannister, a young medical student, achieved the unthinkable when he ran the first ever sub-four-minute mile at the University’s running track on Iffley Road. In so doing, he not only broke his own personal barrier, he redefined what was possible. His achievement lives on as a constant source of inspiration to others, including no fewer than 158 Oxonian Olympians who have followed in his footsteps. Oxford helped them all to break their barriers!

The world of sport has continued to move on in leaps and bounds since 1954. Women’s sport has grown, increasing the overall number of teams and athletes; disability sport has risen in profile and become widely accessible; and many new international sports have been recognised and adopted. The University has welcomed and embraced this diversification of sport over the years. As a result, we currently have 85 different sports clubs – more than any other British university.

With seemingly unlimited demand for sporting opportunities at every level, we have outgrown our 1960s facilities. Our modest sports hall that has served us so well for half a century is no longer fit for purpose, let alone fit for the excellence to which Oxford aspires across the board. We want to encourage all those who wish to engage with sport to do so, whether they are an elite athlete or an amateur enthusiast; we want to be able to support them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their sporting dreams; we want to enable our students and local community to lead active and healthy lives; and we want to provide an inclusive and accessible home for all our sports clubs – now and in the future.

The only thing holding us back is our facilities. Please help us to break this barrier.