Supporting our Students

The ongoing pandemic presents students with significant challenges. The University is determined to ensure the current cohort of students receives a truly world-class academic experience at Oxford and support the changing needs of our increasingly diverse student community.

A gift to support our students ensures undergraduates and postgraduates alike remain resilient against the many challenges they might face. Your gift will help us provide the appropriate resources to support them in their studies, now and into the future, as the ongoing effects of the pandemic become clear.

Support for the University’s internship programme will help provide opportunities for students to develop their professional skills, explore potential industry sectors, and gain the work experience they need for their future careers. Lack of such opportunities in the current economic circumstances are a cause of great anxiety among our students, and your gift can make a huge impact for students applying for internships this summer.

My laboratory closed for all but essential coronavirus research from March to July, pausing my experimental work. I am in a relatively early stage of my project, and did not have sufficient data to process from home during the lockdown, so the lab closure has interrupted my progress heavily.

Sebastian Klindert, DPhil in Clinical Medicine

Together we can ensure our students continue to thrive throughout their studies, and excel in their future endeavours.

Please choose where to direct your support.

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