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Play a part in our green chemistry revolution by supporting the education and training of the best chemists from around the world with a gift to the Chemistry Student Research Fund.

I spent my formative years in Oxford and devoted my career to chemistry, and cannot stress enough the monumental potential for life-changing discoveries in fundamental science.

Research students are critical drivers of this work. Oxford provides a unique environment for them to pursue curiosities without constraints and explore radical concepts that could one day change the world.

From developing more effective, less harmful cancer treatments to using machine learning for chemical discovery, today’s DPhil and Part II students are pushing the boundaries of knowledge across the breadth of the discipline. Just as you did when you were a student here.

Student scientists working in laboratory
  Student scientists working in laboratory (credit: John Cairns)

One key focus for our students is sustainable chemistry; an area in which Oxford is a world-leader. Their work in areas including green hydrogen, next-gen photovoltaics, sustainable synthesis, battery technology and renewables conversion is paving the road to a greener future. Increasing populations, emerging economies and the role of the chemical industries in manufacturing mean it will be impossible to meet any environmental targets without radical changes being made to the science that underpins the modern world. Our students are working to make this a reality.

Will you make a gift to support the education and training of the best chemists from around the world, in sustainable chemistry and beyond?

Your gift will help spark curiosity in the brightest young scientists. It will enable us to proactively recruit the most creative and diligent students, regardless of background. It will maximise the chances of paradigm-shifting discoveries in the lab that will benefit society. Every gift of every size makes a difference to the Department of Chemistry and the students your donation will support. Thank you for your generosity.

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