Photo of the Mathematical Institute buildingMathematics is central to science and society, embedded in every discipline and every industry. We need it more than ever. Oxford Mathematics is at the heart of mathematics across the globe. We want Oxford to be the destination of choice for the students, researchers and teachers of tomorrow. To achieve that we need the support of the many people who have experienced and benefited from mathematics in Oxford.

We are facing fierce competition from other universities for the best graduate students around the world and funding is harder to find. The Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund is dedicated to providing scholarships that will attract, support and retain the very best graduate students. We cannot afford to lose these bright minds.

Your donation will help this fund to enable Oxford Mathematics to remain at the forefront of international research. As importantly, you will be contributing to the development of mathematics itself, the cornerstone of so much of the modern world.

Please note that all donations will be held as expendable endowment in the Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund (OMIF), which has been established for the purposes of supporting the Mathematical Institute. 

If you would like to make a donation towards a more specific purpose, such as widening access and diversity, please contact Hannah Curwell-Parry.