Rugby League Football Club (Old Members)

OURLFC is continuing in its drive to improve every year, both as one of the University's leading undergraduate sports clubs but also as one of the most fun and welcoming clubs to be part of on and off the pitch.

On the field the club is becoming increasingly professional in its approach to the game with a Head coach supported by two assistants, a specialist fitness coach and a physio. This expertise is complemented by recent investment in new equipment, weekly floodlit training, fitness and gym sessions, and the use of consultant specialists (e.g. a kicking coach) where necessary.

As a result of this hard work OURLFC has been able to turn out two regular weekly teams since 2008, as well as an occasional invitation side where students and Old Boys can play alongside each other. The Old Boys club, which is open to all, is key to the progress that OURLFC has made in recent years, providing a sense of continuity and community to students while at the University and beyond, whilst also supporting the ongoing developments at the club both financially and at dinners and events.