Penguins are declining globally. The main suspects are climate change, fisheries, disease and pollution. We need to understand how penguins are affected by these threats in order to mitigate them.

Penguin Watch is a project run by Tom Hart at Oxford University, with collaborators around the world including Oceanites, Stony Brook, LSU and ZSL. We research the threats to penguins and how to mitigate these threats. We are using long-term monitoring in the field and genetic analysis of penguin feathers to get a complete picture of how populations are changing. Our findings will be used to inform policy and educate the public on the impacts of climate change.

We also run the increasingly popular Penguin Watch website, where volunteers help our work by combing through the millions of images we collect. Read more about the project at

If you would like to support our work, we would be extremely grateful. Here are some ways you can get involved: 

  • £10 - Become a Penguin Watch Follower, and we will send you a woven badge to say thank you
  • £50 - Become a Penguin Pen Pal, and we will send you a postcard from our next field season in Antarctica
  • £150 - Sponsor a Penguinologist, and receive a little pack of Penguin Watch goodies
  • £250 - Adopt a Penguin Colony, and receive a pack that includes a time lapse video of your colony
  • £1000 - Back an Expedition, and your pack will include a framed photo of penguins in the wild, taken by one of the team