Oxford Physics is one of the largest and most eminent Physics departments in Europe. Oxford physicists are probing new ways to harness solar energy, modelling the earth’s atmosphere to predict future climate, exploring the potential of quantum physics to revolutionise information technologies and executing calculations that reveal the fundamental structure of space and time. They participate in many large-scale, international physics projects – including the Large Hadron Collider and Square Kilometre Array.

Oxford Physics has established the Oxford Physics Endowment for Graduates (OXPEG) as its main funding priority and has set an ambitious target to establish an endowment providing scholarship funding for 25 graduate scholarships. With a fund of this scale, the Department can be confident of having the resources to attract the best possible candidates from the UK and internationally. As well as being a launchpad for their careers, graduate students contribute enormously to the work of the Department, in terms of ideas and overcoming technical challenges.

Donors who give £1,000 or more to Oxford Physics are eligible to become a member of The Henry Moseley Society.  For further information about this or how to support Oxford Physics, please contact Caitlin Tebbit.

Please note that all donations will be held as expendable endowment in the OXPEG fund, which has been established for the purposes of supporting graduate scholarships in the Department of Physics.