The impact of philanthropy at Oxford

2019 — 2020

The generosity of our donors is helping us to enrich the lives of people and communities across the globe. From scholarships, teaching, research and world-class facilities to access initiatives, public engagement and cultural collections, donor support is having a real impact across the University.

£316 million raised
1 August 2019 – 31 July 2020
(University, colleges and Rhodes Trust)

A new edition of the Philanthropy Report is now available.

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‘I’m so grateful to the Swarovski Foundation because so many students may have the ability, but not all of us have equal opportunities’

– Claire Nakabugo


‘Philanthropic support is absolutely golden because it allows you to get to the true heart of the matter. It’s the flexibility and the honesty of it’

– Professor Eric O’Neill


Libraries and museums


‘There are so very few curatorial jobs available… it is statistically easier to become a striker in the Premier League than a curator in your own field’

– Dr Federica Gigante

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Philanthropy makes a significant difference to what we are able to achieve across Oxford – for students, for academics and for the world at large.

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