Celebrating the impact of philanthropy at Oxford


Across the University, philanthropy is playing a vital role in driving forward ground-breaking research, in supporting the brightest students through their studies, and in making our libraries and museums accessible and engaging. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the advancement of knowledge at Oxford is helping to enrich lives around the world.

£249 million raised
(University only)

‘We are the only purpose-built centre in the world dedicated to doing the clinical research needed to prevent stroke and vascular dementia’

– Professor Peter Rothwell


Special feature


‘Donors have been absolutely extraordinary in their generosity in helping kids from deprived backgrounds and non-traditional backgrounds come to Oxford’

– Professor Dame Louise Richardson


‘The scholarship didn’t just pay my fees; it came with a community that I could rely on when I needed to. And I did need them sometimes!’

– Crystal Chika Okwurionu


Libraries and museums


‘It’s extraordinary to have material to be able to tell these fundamental stories of humanity’

– Dr Paul Collins

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Philanthropy makes a significant difference to what we are able to achieve across Oxford – for students, for academics and for the world at large.

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