Celebrating the impact of philanthropy at Oxford


Philanthropy is vital in helping the University to realise its ambitious goals. By pushing the boundaries of knowledge, nurturing the most talented students, and identifying innovative ways to share the treasures of our unique collections, Oxford’s work touches lives across the world. Thank you to all our supporters for your generosity.

£222 million raised
(University only)

‘I’m trying to get across the excitement of working with people you don’t at first understand. It’s often at the interfaces of different disciplines that new discoveries are found’

– Professor Dame Carol Robinson


‘Gifting education to someone is a way of allowing them to reach their potential. It’s one of the most powerful ways to change someone’s life’

– Carmen Jorge Díaz


Libraries and collections


‘The foundation gave enough to endow the post and that is key because it allows someone to be here permanently who can commit to photography. That sustained focus is what changes things’

– Dr Phillip Roberts

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Philanthropy makes a significant difference to what we are able to achieve across Oxford – for students, for academics and for the world at large.

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