Oxford University Lancers American Football Club

Oxford University Lancers American Football Club is a new team dedicated to playing America’s Game, giving all Oxford students an opportunity to try the ultimate team sport. Having won national championships as the Oxford Cavaliers, the Lancers are looking to build upon this tradition of excellence and compete at the highest level. The Oxford Lancers have started towards this goal, by coming off a successful winning season, and are looking to establish its future.

American Football can be an expensive sport, and it relies on generous financial support to maintain equipment and provide training. Thus, the Oxford Lancers appreciates any grants and generosity from alumni to help secure the club.

Here are some of the ways in which your donation can make a difference:

  • £10 will pay for a chalkboard session, teaching the game to students
  • £25 will cover 1 student’s insurance for a year
  • £60 will pay for a game ball
  • £200 will help replace essential safety equipment (helmet, shoulderpads)
  • £1000 will cover medical expenses for a whole season
  • £2000 will pay for a three-man tackling sled
  • £3000 would subsidise Varsity, another opportunity to beat Cambridge