9 young women face the camera smiling, wearing OU Cross-Country kit and race numbers
  Victorious Ladies Blues Varsity Match Team 2021

Giving to the Cross Country Club

Founded in 1876, OUCCC is one of the premier university cross country clubs in the country, consistently placing in the top 5 at BUCS Cross Country and recently having over 10 members represent their country. In addition, OUCCC has five other teams which compete on the Saturday before the Blues’ Match in the II-IVs Varsity. The Gentlemen’s IVs and Ladies’ IIIs teams, which are open to all, epitomise the best of OUCCC: inclusive, welcoming, but driven to beat Cambridge.

OUCCC athletes train 6 times a week with regular races throughout the year. The average athlete will spend around £400 per year on training and competitions, even after the subsidies that OUCCC strives to provide. As a club we aim to make OUCCC more accessible to everyone and continue to put our athletes at the top end of national competitions. Support from alumni and friends allows OUCCC athletes to perform at the highest level without undue financial pressure.

Here are some of the ways in which your donation can make a difference:

  • £15 will cover 1 student’s insurance for the year
  • £50 will cover 1 disadvantaged student’s membership fee for a year
  • £100 will pay for official’s expenses for the events we host
  • £500 will help athletes attend high profile races, such as national team selection races
  • £1000 will cover the cost of race entries for a year
  • £2000 will subsidise Varsity, another opportunity to beat Cambridge
  • £4000 will cover the cost of our coaching expenses for the year
a group of 16 young men face the camera smiling, wearing OU Cross-Country kit and race numbers
  Victorious Tortoises (2nds) and Turtles (3rds) Varsity Match Teams 2019

Thank you for your support.

Donors in the US can give tax-effectively via Americans For Oxford (AFO).
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