Hockey Club (Field)

Hockey Club Endowment Fund

To give the club financial stability for the future, we have the opportunity to establish the Hockey Club Endowment Fund with a minimum of £100,000. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, OUHC has already secured 70% of this year’s funding. We now need to raise a further £30,000 by the end of the current academic year so that we can start investing the endowment and begin to benefit from its returns as soon as possible. The support of all alumni and friends is needed now more than ever to pave the way for the club’s successful future.

OUHC Women’s Blues team playing at the 2021 Varsity match. Photo Credit: Erin Forsyth

About OUHC

OUHC seeks to provide high quality coaching and performance for its 130 members at an affordable rate, while also maintaining its success at the highest level. The club now has four men’s teams and four women’s teams. The Women’s Blues are competing in the BUCS Premier League and National league and the Men’s Blues are making a strong push for both, while being currently unbeaten in their BUCS league. As the club looks to increasingly professionalise, there is a need for more extensive employed coaching - extra income will allow the club to reach its goals without increasing an already heavy financial burden on players.

OUHC Men’s Blues team playing at the 2021 Varsity match. Photo credit: Erin Forsyth

Regular gifts will go towards subsidising the day to day running of the club. Here are some ways your donation can make a difference:

  • £20 would pay the expenses of the Blues coach for a game or training session
  • £60 would pay for a 2 hour evening training session for 25 players
  • £100 would pay for a member’s match kit
  • £150 would cover a member’s annual subs
  • £1000 would pay for a 2nd team coach for a term

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