Gliding Club

Oxford University Gliding Club has managed to bring the thrill and fascination of flight to countless young people for many years. Indeed there is significant
evidence to suggest that it may be at least as far back as 1938 when the first Oxford students took to the air in a glider under the banner of the Oxford University and City Gliding. Many of those young people have as a result, gone on to find careers in aviation - both military and civilian; and often as pilots, as a natural progression of their experiences with university gliding.

For a Student, coming to university to study is a wonderful opportunity to stretch a young persons mind in specialist subject areas. OUGC compliments that experience by offering the recreational quality of life that study alone can not provide.

Oxford University Gliding Club is largely a self funding club that relies mainly on the membership fees and flying fees of its members. We’ve managed to keep our small fleet of three gliders in good order and airworthy - but increasing maintenance and insurance costs are making things inevitably more difficult. For example the protective coating of the wings of our two seat training-glider has to be refurbished at an estimated cost of £5k

By supporting Oxford University Gliding club, you'll be helping us to keep our small fleet flying. We can continue to provide young people with valuable new skills and adventures, and generally help make the quality of student life that much richer.