Oxford University Korfball Club

Oxford University Korfball Club (OUKoC) is committed to creating a welcoming and accessible atmosphere that encourages players of any ability to join a university-level sport. The club continues to boost the status of korfball, and although most of its new players have never heard of the game, OUKoC's warm and supportive environment quickly turns them into seasoned veterans.

The club presently boasts two international players and has supported many more in top-league teams. Two teams currently compete in the local league, inter-university BUCS competitions and the annual Varsity match against Cambridge.

The University’s current lack of sporting facilities, however, has sparked serious concerns about the future of OUKoC. Due to competition for space, its previous evening training slot has been rescheduled to 7am. The club believes this will have a significant impact on its ability to attract new members, the quality of its training, and on its ethos of accessibility and sociability. As a last resort, it has hired an external training venue on Wednesday evenings, though it can only afford fortnightly slots.

Here are some ways in which your donation can make a difference:

  • £10 covers travel expenses for a local player to coach the club for a session
  • £35 pays for a brand-new international-grade korfball
  • £40 allows the club to book an external hall for an hour of training
  • £80 allows one of OUKoC's players to become a Level 1 Qualified Coach
  • £150 registers a team with the English Korfball Association for another year
  • £375 buys a new korfball post