Lacrosse Club

Founded in 1903, Oxford University Lacrosse Club (OULC) recently celebrated its 115th year anniversary. In recognition of this, it is delighted to launch The Penthesilea Group, a brand new supporters club, named after the empowered and enduring Amazon queen, which will help secure the future of lacrosse at Oxford.

OULC was one of the first clubs to integrate its men's and women's teams into one inclusive organisation. It is now one of the largest and fastest growing clubs in Oxford, currently home to five teams – men’s, women’s and mixed. Its members are at the centre of its development, and year on year the more experienced players help to train and support beginners, leaving a core of quality athletes as their legacy.

Building on its success, OULC aims to raise £10,000 in the first instance in order to ensure that all five teams have access to the coaching and training time that will allow them to compete at their best. This sum will also reduce the financial burden on students, ensuring the sport is accessible to all. 

Anyone can become a Member of The Penthesilea Group by committing to a minimum donation of £19.03 per quarter, while current students and those aged under 25 can join for just £19.03 per annum. Those who give £1,903 or more per annum will become Patrons of The Penthesilea Group.

In recognition, all Patrons and Members will: 

  • Receive an invitation to an annual drinks reception, as well as to the Varsity matches
  • Be listed as a Patron or Member on the Club’s website and Facebook page
  • Receive regular updates from the Club

Thank you, in advance, for your support!