Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club

Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club (OUABC) is one of the oldest and most prestigious boxing clubs in the country; OUABC prides itself in being open to beginners and experienced boxers alike. A Full Blue sport.

Photo of a live boxing match staged in a college hall with spectators sat around the ring and above stading on a balcony

Each year we aim to produce a winning Varsity squad. This squad consists of 9 boxers ranging from 57kg-91kg. We also aim to develop a female team each year and enter the female boxers into BUCs and the National Championships.As well as producing competitive boxers, the club prides itself on being open to beginners; providing training to those of all ability and fitness level.

Photo of four female boxers stood along side coaches all facing the camera with their fists up and smiling

Money donated to the club would be used to help cover training costs. These include: coach’s salary, equipment and the annual Tenerife training camp held in January. The club also hopes to become more involved in outreach programmes. OUABC has formed strong links with the Lynn gym in South-East London and hopes to help sponsor the inner-city teens from this club during their competitive sporting career.