Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

The Oxford University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club is the University club for shotgun shooting disciplines. The club trains and competes primarily in English Sporting, but there are opportunities for other disciplines like skeet and trap. The club is a friendly and supportive environment and aims to expose new shooters to the sport and elevate both new and experienced shots to their full potential.

Photo of shooter looking down the sight preparing to take a shot

Clay pigeon shooting is an expensive sport, and the club aims to make it as accessible as possible for those who are interested. Helping to lower costs, and compete at its best, are the club's primary sponsors: EJ Churchill and Browning International. Nonetheless, the benefits of alumni support, and of others, cannot be overstated.

Photo of a group of shooters in seperate stalls all aiming to the sky ready to shoot

The club is extremely grateful for assistance in any form, including commitments in kind and time. Financial gifts of any size can help the club grow, reduce costs to make the sport more accessible, or provide a competitive edge.

For example:

  • £25 can pay for transport to-and-from a session for 5 shooters
  • £35 can pay for an all-inclusive introductory session for a new shooter
  • £60 can pay for an entire 100-bird competition for one shooter
  • £150 can pay for the servicing of one of the club’s shotguns
  • £200 can pay for 1000 competition cartridges
  • £500 can pay for a team’s competition at BUCS or Varsity
  • £1000 can pay for a year’s shooting and competitions for a shooter
  • £1200 can pay for a coaching programme for a group of shooters
  • £1500+ can pay for new club shotguns