Oxford University Rifle Club

Oxford University Rifle Club is the precision rifle shooting club in Oxford. OURC trains young shooters of all abilities from those who have never shot before to seasoned shooters. The Club provides a relaxed environment where the key aim is to enjoy shooting whilst shooting well. Smallbore is shot in Oxford and fullbore at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, where the fullbore varsity is also held.

The fullbore varsity is one of the oldest varsity events at the university, having been shot for over 150 years. Shooting can be an expensive sport but as a university club catering for students OURC makes shooting as accessible as possible for anyone who is interested. OURC relies on grants and the generosity of alumni to keep the club afloat.

There are many ways alumni can help, from offering training tips to helping with the provisioning of new (or used) equipment.

Here are some of the ways in which your donation can make a difference:

  • £10 will pay for a rifle handstop, a bipod or a rifle cover
  • £25 will pay for a jacket’s sling
  • £70 will pay for an adjustable foresight
  • £100 will pay for new spotting scopes
  • £300 will pay for a shooter’s jacket
  • £700 will pay for a new fullbore barrel
  • £1000 will pay for a wind coaching communications system for team matches
  • £1500 will pay for a new smallbore rifle
  • £2500 will pay for a new fullbore rifle
  • Priceless: Joining the club on range in Oxford or Bisley to help with training!

If you are attempting to pay for the club's Annual Dinner please pay directly to the club and do not use the donate link below.