Oxford University Swimming Club

Over the past 126 years, OUSC has evolved into one of the country’s most successful university swimming teams, now regularly placing in the top 8 nationally at the annual BUCS Teams Swimming Championships. Individual members have also competed at national and international levels in recent years.

Whilst much of OUSC’s success can be attributed to its swimmers’ raw talent and hard work, the team also requires quality coaching and equipment in order to realise its full potential.

Another key to the club’s success is its annual January training camp in Europe. This is a prime opportunity to focus purely on swimming and team relationships in the run-up to Varsity.

Any kind donations would therefore go towards the following projects:

  • Additional coaching – currently only 50% of OUSC’s Blues Team sessions are coached by a Level 3 qualified coach
  • Equipment – the club is hoping to invest in new equipment such as bungee cords, pull up bars and boxing gloves in order to further diversify its training
  • Subsidising training camp – this will enable more people to attend the camp, improving team inclusion and Varsity performance
  • Kit – more club clothing is needed to help members represent OUSC nationally and abroad