Taekwon-Do School

The oldest Taekwon-Do School in the UK, OUTKD is also one of the most prestigious. We train and compete at the highest of standards, winning the Varsity Match 5-0 last year and bringing home 14 medals from the UK Open Championships in 2008. Of course, Taekwon-Do is about more than competition, and we have a close-knit community, which welcomes student and non-student members of all levels and from different martial arts backgrounds.

We endeavour to promote Taekwon-Do and its tenets, both within the University and elsewhere. In 2008, we ventured to Slovakia to endorse our sister school in Zilnia. However, there is always room for improvement. In 2008, OUTKD’s membership doubled, and we are in need of funding to satisfy the growing demands of an expanding and evolving school.

There is great hope for the future, with enthusiastic white belts, talented senior grades and a dedicated committee. By donating to the School, you can help us to:

  • Purchase essential equipment such as kick paddles and breaker boards
  • Subsidise the cost of training camps and National squad training sessions
  • Finance transport to competitions, as well as entry fees, ensuring that we can continue to represent Oxford at prestigious national events such as the English and UK Open

Thank you and Taekwon! We are very grateful for your support.