Underwater Exploration Group

OUUEG aims to make the sport of SCUBA diving accessible to as wide a cross section of the university as possible. The club is highly active and runs diving trips throughout the year, with longer expeditions in the UK and abroad. Reconnecting with alumni is always a highlight, with the chance to hear subaquatic tales of yore or go for a dive together!

Each year around 30-40 members work towards their first two qualifications. Club subsidies also give opportunities for advanced, specialised, and instructor qualification training, allowing members to introduce the club’s next generation to diving.

Although run at cost there can be a significant financial barrier to participation due to the need to purchase expensive diving equipment, which has an adverse effect on membership numbers and diversity. To counter this, the club maintains a stock of kit that can be borrowed or rented by trainees for a nominal fee. However, the kit needs repairs and eventual replacement and the club would also like a stock of drysuits. Your donation will mean that everyone has the chance to experience the delights of diving and ensure the longevity of the club.

Here are some of the ways your donation can help:

  • £10 will pay for a diving knife
  • £25 will pay for a hood or gloves
  • £50 will pay a set of fins or a mask
  • £100 will pay for a dive timer
  • £150 will pay for someone to attend an Instructor Foundation Course
  • £400 will pay for a drysuit or a boat engine service