Underwater Hockey Club

Founded in 2006 the Oxford University Underwater Hockey Club (OUUWHC) is currently holding its highest ever national ranking (3rd) and it is also one of only two student clubs to have two teams.

The club is aiming to further this development and continue to climb the national rankings with support from the alumni association and commercial income whilst keeping the sport accessible to all and the club running.

Some of the projects the club hopes to raise money for:

  • Entry fees to tournaments to get more competitive match experience for newer players and improve teamwork
  • Transport to tournaments - will help keep these accessible to all people
  • New fins for the club - new fins will enable beginners to move around more easily and interact with matches more meaning they can develop quicker 
  • Replacement pucks for lost or broken ones - this will allow for smaller more concentrated groups in drills and more puck time for everyone

In recognition of your gift you will receive:

  • Termly updates on the club including information on how the fund is being invested
  • Invitations to spectate or compete in the annual alumni match
  • Opportunities for trophies or awards to be named on your behalf