Oxford University Windsurf Club

Oxford University Windsurf Club aim to cater for all abilities of windsurfer. The club provides a relaxed environment to introduce students to the sport and allows more advanced windsurfers to develop and compete against other universities. OUWC is one of the younger clubs, with the Varsity race going back to 1982. Over the last few years OUWC has been fighting back against the prior dominance of Cambridge in windsurfing, but to maintain our recent record, more kit is needed.

At present, OUWC faces a challenge. Increasing maintenance costs and a lack of kit means that the club is struggling to train and compete. Currently the club only has one raceboard in working order. This means that all future Varsity races will be held away until OUWC have sufficient kit.

Donations will contribute to modernising the club kit helping OUWC to train and compete. They will also help OUWC to improve accessibility to the sport by subsidising instruction for beginners. All contributions, great and small, are greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the ways in which your donation can make a difference:

  • £8 will provide transport for instructors for a beginners’ day
  • £30 will pay for a buoyancy aid
  • £30 will provide a beginner a day of instruction
  • £100 will provide transport to our Varsity match
  • £450 will pay for a new sail
  • £1600 will pay for a new board