Rows of stag beetle specimens from the British Insect Collection

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HOPE for the Future is Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s three-year project to protect and share its unique and irreplaceable British Insect Collection. ​​​​

The collection contains over one million specimens representing all insect groups, from butterflies, beetles and bees to flies and fleas. It spans almost the entire history of British entomology, offering an extraordinary window into the natural world and the ways in which it has changed over the last 200 years.

Why we need your support

Rare and wonderful museum collections like this are a vital scientific information bank for understanding the climate and biodiversity crisis today, and the extent of species loss and ecology damage. To ensure that the museum can complete the HOPE project and conserve and preserve this extraordinary resource, your support is vital.

There are three areas where your gift – at any level – will make a real difference:

Here’s what your gift could support

per month would contribute to the monthly HOPE sessions being delivered with older people, including grandparents and those in their care.
would provide equipment for entomological investigations and collecting for an after-school club.
would enable the purchase of a secure drawer, trays and materials for condition checking the specimens.
would cover the cost of an industry-standard cabinet to ensure the collection is safe from pests and the external environment.

Support HOPE today

While generous support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund has enabled the museum to do much already, £30,000 in partnership funding still needs to be raised to ensure that the HOPE project can be completed.

Please make a donation today so that the museum can conserve and preserve this extraordinary collection for the future and share it with the world. All contributions will have a valuable impact, enabling researchers to better understand and monitor biodiversity loss, and inspiring new generations to love and protect the natural heritage on their doorsteps.

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Support HOPE for the Future – Heritage, Outreach and Preservation of Entomology

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