The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU – part of the Zoology Department) was founded by Professor David Macdonald in 1986, and is now recognised as the leading university-based institute for wildlife conservation research. WildCRU’s approach is to combine field research with conservation actions rooted in sound science, and its research is used worldwide to advise environmental management and policy.

WildCRU's project in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park  has radio tracked over 100 lions and the research assists national authorities with conservation strategies.

WildCRU is committed to educating local communities in the areas in which it operates, including running anti-poaching patrols to protect lions in Zimbabwe. WildCRU also trains young Zimbabwean conservation professionals.

Currently WildCRU has around 60 projects – with about half overseas and half in the UK; these extend from the Scottish Highlands to southern Africa, Patagonia and the forests of Borneo.

For further information please visit the WildCRU website.

WildCRU welcome support for its research activities, including the work currently undertaken in Zimbabwe. In particular support is needed to fund WildCRU's work on the conservation of lions, including the purchase of satellite tracking collars, project vehicles and the training of young Zimbabwean conservationists.

If you wish to make a gift from within the USA, please visit the North American Office website.