From stem cells to conservation, food to climate change, biology is central to the concerns of society. The study of living things has undergone tremendous expansion in recent years, and topics such as cell biology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and ecology are advancing rapidly. We ask for your support to help us train the next generation of biologists.

Exceptional graduate students are the research leaders of the future, however the need for graduate scholarships in Zoology has never been greater. Scholarships enable us to attract the best possible candidates from the UK and internationally regardless of the candidates’ financial circumstances. A graduate scholarship could be funded by 50 people donating £40 per month.

With your help, we also seek to provide much-needed travel bursaries for undergraduates, providing the crucial opportunity for field study during our undergraduate degree course. Five alumni donating just £17 a month, for example, would offer a student the opportunity to attend our tropical biology course in Borneo.

We hope you will choose to support our current and future students, and our research, by making a donation.