Supporting undergraduate field study in Biology


Providing students with the best possible education is at the centre of our mission at departmental and University level. Field work is an integral part of this education, equipping students with the necessary skills and cutting-edge technologies for studying global climate change and conservation biology.

Ecological field courses in Borneo, Tenerife and Tanzania allow students to develop skills such as camera trapping, sampling, or surveying. But they do require a financial contribution from students, on top of the usual costs of going to university.

As we strive to diversify our student population, and encourage more students from less affluent backgrounds to study Biology at Oxford, we must ensure that participating in field study is not a financial burden.

By making a gift to the Travel Bursary Fund, you can ensure the opportunities offered by an Oxford Biology degree are open to everyone. In turn, our students will be equipped with the best tools and training possible to go on to address global challenges.

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